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The Low Down - "I am a photographer, an artist, and storyteller. Throughout all of my work, you won't see the usage of any green screen or hyper Photoshop editing to make something fake, seem real. I have perfected my lighting craft over the last 10 years and have developed my own style, that which hasn't been inspired by any classic photographer or artist. My love of creating media started out at just 15 year old, despite never having anyone in my family coming from a photography background.  I attended my first ATV race around the same time and just so happened to fall madly in love with both photography, and motocross racing. My childhood friend; Chris, handed me an older Canon Rebel film camera with a telephoto lens and said; "Have at it". I quickly started learning what the settings on the camera all meant and I remember blowing through about 6 rolls of Kodak film throughout the race weekend. I began to get really excited as my friend exclaimed they were some of the best photos he's seen, even after yelling at me for "wasting" all of his film before that!

The other giant discovery that same weekend was the fact that the camera corrected my less-than-perfect vision (at the time) and I could see everything crystal clear as long as I looked through the camera! I was shocked and wanted to learn about everything that photography had to offer. Soon after, I went and got corrective contact lenses to correct my natural vision, or lack there of. Most importantly, I have never lost sight of learning and progressing as a photographer and artist".

Today, Garrett Hamilton is an award winning commercial photographer, lifestyle photographer, wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer, and motorsports photographer including action sports, motocross, ATV racing, and extreme sports. Garrett is a Certified Professional Photographer with a degree from Boston University, Boston, MA. Garrett is also an outdoor and nature photographer who works within the hunting industry. Garrett's photography has been featured in numerous outdoor and motocross magazines from around the world and on national TV programming on the Discovery Channel and the Outdoor Channel. A few clients of Garrett include KTM USA, Yamaha USA, Kawasaki USA, Can-Am, Elka Suspension, WISECO Pistons, Corning Incorporated, Orange County Choppers, including many others. Garrett is available for hire around the globe and is a lover of travel. He is well versed on multiple camera and computer platforms and brings new ideas and a creative approach to any project he is involved with.

Garrett Hamilton is a Columbia, MO photographer and services all of the mid-west. He also loves traveling back to his home state an is available for hire throughout the entire Northeast and the U.S. Starting in 2014, Garrett also began offering corporate videography work as well and is pleased to offer this service to all of his clients.

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